Carpet Soil & Stain Protection Treatment

Carpet protection is applied at the mill when the carpet is made. It’s a protective coating that protects the fibers from dirt, sand, stains, etc. This coating isn’t indestructible. Everyday life of people and pets walking back and forth across the carpet wears away at that coating. On average you lose about 20% a years of this coating. This leaves the fibers exposed to stains and dirt. Not to worry because the protective coating can be renewed. We are able to apply carpet protection to your carpet to bring the protection back to 100% full strength. What’s even better is that our carpet protection product is a green carpet protector. It meets or exceeds the EPA’s Designed for the Environment(DfE) program guidelines.

Carpet manufactures recommend having this done after every cleaning. When done after every cleaning your carpet will last longer and look better longer. When we apply carpet protection to your carpet we simply don’t just spray it on and that’s it. To be effective it has be worked all around the fiber. We do this by using a rake that’s design especially for carpet. Simply just spraying it on top just gives you a surface protection.