Tile & Grout Floor Cleaning

Sometimes Ceramic Tile Floors can become impossibly dirty for the average cleaning methods to get clean.

You can resort to scrubbing them on your hands and knees to try the get them clean. Then there is that grout. You could resort to taking a toothbrush to try and get them clean. How has the time for that! You don’t have to resort to things like that to try to get your ceramic tile floors clean when there is a better way.

We have a revolutionary process that uses the same equipment in our van the we use to clean carpet to clean your tile floors.

The only difference is we use a different tool to clean tile, then with what we use to clean on carpet. We first spray on a cleaner to emulsify the dirt and make it easy to suck up. Then as needed we use a special brush to scrub grout to get it clean. After that we hook up our TurboForce tool to the hoses the go to our equipment outside to our truck-mounted equipment. Then this is when we start removing the dirt from the tile floor. The TurboForce sprays on hot water at very high pressure at the same time sucking up the excess water and the dirt along with it. This high-pressure water blasts dirt out of the pores of the tile leaving the tile pretty my as clean as it can get the day when it was installed.