Our carpet cleaning service is a 4-step cleaning process and here is brief summary of what is included:
  1. Pre-vacuuming with our Aerus ProLux commercial vacuum
  2. Pre-spray of high-traffic areas
  3. Truck-mounted steam cleaning
  4. All post-spotting for spots that remain after cleaning

We use Axiom Green Cleaning products


Our first step is we pre-vacuum to remove loose particulate soil.

Most carpet cleaning companies don’t do this and this is an important step before actually cleaning the fibers of the carpet. By removing the loose particulate soil it makes hot water extraction cleaning more effective because we don’t have it getting in the way. Even though some of our clients say they vacuumed the carpets before we arrived, we feel that most vacuums won’t do the job as well as our Aerus ProLux commercial vacuum. It has received the Carpet & Rug Institute Green Seal and been certified by them for superior soil removal, containment of dust and carpet fiber retention.

After a thorough vacuuming we are ready to start steps 2, 3 and 4 in the cleaning of your carpets fibers.

First, we pre-spray high-traffic areas to loosen and soften up the soil to make it easier to remove. Then we clean the carpet with our state-of-the-art truck-mounted steam cleaning system. After cleaning if any spots remain we post spot them to remove them.

When we clean your carpet you can rest easy to know that we use an environmentally friendly line of cleaners called Axiom.

Axiom is a line of cleaners that meets or exceeds the EPA’s Designed for the Environment program (DfE). It is approved by major environmental groups.