Upholstery Cleaning

When we clean upholstery it’s much like how we clean carpets

Except we use a small tool instead of the large wand which is used for carpet. Other than the tool that is used, the other parts are the same. We just attach our tool to long vacuum and solution hoses that go out to our truck mounted equipment in our van instead of the carpet wand.

Our truck mounted system has advantages over methods similar to ours.

Because of the hotter water, it cleans better and dries faster than methods that use cold or warm water. When we use hot water, it dries faster because of evaporation. If you have heard about how hot air rises and cold air falls, then that is the same with hot water. It evaporates faster because the hot water vapors rise quickly from the upholstery after being cleaned. Another factor to drying is our truck mounted system has more suction power. This leaves the upholstery drier. Because it is drier it also contributes to shorten drying times. Though some fabrics will soak up more moisture than other fabrics, drying time times will vary depending on the type of fabric. A basic rule of thumb for cleaning upholstery is the drier the better. If the upholstery left soaked after cleaning it will take too long to dry, then this can lead to the possibility of the fabric developing browning which is an undesirable condition.

Another advantage hot water has is that it cuts through soils and certain stains that cold or warm water cleaning methods would have trouble removing or getting out without the aid of a spotting agent

For every 18 degrees rise in temperature the chemical reaction doubles. So the hotter the water, the better the cleaning.

A brief overview of what is included

Truck mounted steam cleaning

Pre-spray of heavily soiled areas

Post spotting treatments

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