Upholstery Cleaning

When we clean upholstery it’s much like how we clean carpets.

Except we use a small tool instead of the large wand which is used for carpet. Other than the tool that is used, the other parts are the same. We just attach our tool to long vacuum and solution hoses that go out to our truck-mounted equipment in our van instead of the carpet wand.

Our truck mounted system has advantages over methods similar to ours.

Because of the hotter water, it cleans better and dries faster than methods that use cold or warm water. When we use hot water, it dries faster because of evaporation. If you have heard about how hot air rises and cold air falls, then that is the same with hot water. It evaporates faster because the hot water vapors rise quickly from the upholstery after being cleaned. Another factor to drying is our truck-mounted system has more suction power. This leaves the upholstery drier. Because it is drier it also contributes to shorten drying times. Though some fabrics will soak up more moisture than other fabrics, drying time times will vary depending on the type of fabric. A basic rule of thumb for cleaning upholstery is the drier the better. If the upholstery is left soaked after cleaning it will take too long to dry, then this can lead to the possibility of the fabric developing browning which is an undesirable condition.

What Kinds of Upholstery We Clean

  1. Sofa, Couch, Sofa Sectional – Most people, when they think of upholstery, think of a sofa, couch, loveseat, or chair. Some of the time, when people call us for a quote for cleaning a sofa, they don’t make the distinction between the two different kinds of sofas. Most sofas have, 3-seat cushions, and then there are sofa sectionals that have a minimum of 5 seat cushions. It’s important to make this distinction because we quote differently for a 3-cushion sofa and a minimum 5-seat cushion sofa sectional. There are even some sofa sectionals that have 6-seat cushions. With more parts to clean, it takes more time to clean and therefore will cost more. Some sofas have a bump out on one side of the sofa that makes it like a chaise lounge. These will typically cost more than a 3-seat cushion sofa because of the extra length.
  2.  Love seat РLoveseats are typically two-seat cushions. Most of the time are smaller than a sofa. These take less time to clean because there less area to clean and will cost less than a sofa.
  3. Chairs – When it comes to cleaning upholstered chairs, we clean all kinds of them. From recliners to oversized chairs to regular-sized chairs to dining room chairs with either just an upholstered seat cushion or both the seat cushion and the back cushion.
  4. Patio Furniture Cushions – In addition, we also clean your patio furniture cushions. You can have them cleaned after warm weather is over and store them for the winter and have them ready for spring or wait till spring to have them cleaned for the spring and summer months.

Most Heavily Soiled Areas

Areas that are the dirtiest that we pay special attention to are the armrests and back of seats of sofas and chairs. Those areas come in contact with the back of people’s arms, hands, and heads. Oil from skin and hair deposits on the armrests and the upper back of the seats of the chair. The oil then attracts dirt. Over time more oil gets deposited and attracts more dirt. Eventually, this becomes visible if not cleaned for an extended period. Whatever the condition of those areas we pre-treat with pre-spray and spotters to deslove and break up the body oils and dirt. We then rinse and extract with our hot water truck-mounted system.

Water Cleanable Fabrics

Most upholstery fabrics are water-cleanable with our truck-mounted extraction system.  Fabrics like microfibre and polyester are easy to clean and have good results after cleaning. Natural fibers like cotton and wool need a little more attention. If they are left too wet, this can lead to browning. An undesirable condition. Also, if the pH of the cleaner is too high this can lead to browsing. Which is why we use Axiom with a pH of 7.5 to 7.9. Perfect for cleaning most upholstery fabrics. It also has browning inhibitors that keep browning from happening.

What Our Service Includes

Our quote for Upholstery cleaning is for a full cleaning of the piece requested to be cleaned. What that means is that any cushions that can be removed will cleaned on all sides of the cushions, inside of the upholstered furniture, armrests, sides, front, and back. Some sofa and sofa sectionals have cushions permanently attached and can only be cleaned on the front and sides. So we clean those parts that we can reach with our cleaning tool. If you wish to only do certain parts of the upholstered piece, we can give you a price for the parts that you want done.
A brief overview of what is included

Truck mounted steam cleaning

Pre-spray of heavily soiled areas

Post spotting treatments