People spend a third of their lives sleeping on their mattress.  Every night while sleeping they shed dead skin.  That dead skin builds up in their mattress night after night. That dead skin attracts dust mites that feed on the dead skin.  As they feed on that dead skin they excrete fecal matter.  This fecal matter is a prime allergen for people.  When people wake up after a night of sleep and wonder why they are stuffed up and or have a runny nose, this is a probable cause of their allergic reactions.

We can get rid of that dead skin and dust mites by either power vacuuming or wet hot water extraction. You’ll sleep better at night and breathe easier.

If you have stains or odor from urine in a mattress we can clean treat that for stains and odor.  We’ll treat the affected areas for the stains and odor and hot water extract the entire mattress.

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